Eliminate Confusion

Choices are abundant within each different category at retail. Competing brands vie for expanded real estate to communicate unique messages to consumers that their product provides the best answer.

While meaningful; product differentiation leads to category confusion. Category confusion delays, or prevents, consumer decisions.
TheAnswer.Org provides immediate solutions. The right decisions are made fast.

> Why TheAnswer.Org

Increase Sales

TheAnswer.Org licensed technology; customers' own cell phones; and simple point of purchase signage, guide consumers back from complex to simple in minutes.

Accurate, fast decisions happen.

Customers leave the point of purchase with a solution. Manufacturers and retailers make a sale.

> Who Needs TheAnswer.Org

Track Trends

Interactive data is collected, right at the point of purchase, aiding new product development and providing direct consumer insight to manufacturers.

Return on Investment matters to everyone – consumers, manufacturers, and retailers.

> How TheAnswer.Org works