• Challenges exist for manufacturers, retailers and consumers.
  • Choices must be offered.
  • Technological advances lead to more product differentiation.
  • Value must be added.
  • Products have unique features and benefits.
  • Features and benefits must be communicated.
  • Consumers needs must be communicated and ultimately met.
  • Interaction must be personalized.
  • Manufacturers compete for real estate at retail.
  • Retail space is limited.
  • Categories offer choice.
  • Choice can be confusing.
  • Consumers are time challenged.
  • Consumer decision making must be fast or frustration builds.
  • Frustration leads to the walk away.
  • Consumers expect to be educated, engaged and pointed to a solution.
  • Retail Personnel cannot answer every technical question across every category in the store.
  • Retail is dynamic.

Consumers need products, retailers sell product, manufacturers make product – Interaction is mandatory for each to maximize their return on investment.

TheAnswer.Org uses interactive guide technology to point customers to the solution – The Answer.Org makes the complex; simple.