Manufacturers and Retailers benefit from the solutions TheAnswer.Org provides.  The system enables quick and efficient service for consumers and provides a guide for accurate decision making.

Manufacturers create products to satisfy the unique needs of consumers.  Technological advancements enable unique compositions and formula variations that provide choice and precision.  This is important.  Everyone benefits when specific consumer needs are met.

Manufacturers compete against other manufacturers for valuable real estate at retail.  Creativity, excellence, and increased sales are rewarded.

Manufacturers must communicate their unique capabilities to both busy retail sales personnel and time challenged consumers.

TheAnswer.Org understands the manufacturer’s perspective and points to the solution – TheAnswer.Org makes the complex; simple.


Retail establishments vary in size from on-line websites to small, traditional storefronts all the way up to big box stores.  They stretch from coast to coast, and across oceans, offering a wide range of solutions to a wide range of consumers.

Regardless of size, real estate is limited.  Regardless of the number of employees, available, trained help is limited.

Retailers exist to meet the unique needs of their customers.  Every day store personnel, up the ranks, analyze consumer buying practices and try to add value for their customers by providing products that best meet their needs.

Change is rapid.  Products change, brands change, packaging changes, formulas change – Retail is dynamic.  Keeping personnel trained on the features and benefits of each product and brand, within each category, is overwhelming.  Providing accurate, informative point of purchase displays that eliminate category confusion is challenging.

Enter TheAnswer.org’s Intelispace. Make retail space more than a place holder for product turn it into Intelispace using The Answer.org’s unique technology.

Intelispace -  In telispás 1.  real estate with the ability to communicate, 2.  at retail, a terminal capable of performing certain functions quickly with data independent of a computer,  3.  a location having awareness, able to be bright, perceptive and wise.


Space Spás a. 1. the distance , expanse or area between, over, within, etc. things; 2. room in a set or on a table available for use by manufacturers to display products. , 3. time on radio or TV.

TheAnswer.Org can be customized to include several brands within a category. Customers choices will be reduced to only a few products and brands that offer the best solution for their unique needs – leading to quicker decisions.

TheAnswer.Org understands the retailers’ perspective and points to the solution – TheAnswer.Org makes the complex; simple.

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